Austin Film Commission

                                  Austin is a leading destination for film, television & commercial production.

                                  PROFESSIONAL CREW
                                  Austin's talented crew base have been giving productions more value per-dollar spent than the competition for over 40 years. Always on time and on budget.

                                  DIVERSE LOCATIONS
                                  Austin has spectrum of cost effective looks within a short distance from downtown. Austin's neighborhoods offer asethetics of various eras, while less than 30 minutes outside the city is the famous hill country, lakes, ranchland, period western sets and dozens Americana small towns that are perfect production set in 1920 or 2020.

                                  Austin's local government supports filmmakers, providing free right-of-way and parks permitting.

                                  FACILITIES & VENDORS
                                  Austin has the infrastructure for production, including quality studio spaces and in-town industry equipment suppliers.

                                  Austin's mild climate provides over 300 days of sunshine yearly - be it January or July - the sun is shinging down on set.

                                  Effective 06/03/2020, on-set/on-location media production may operate provided they can comply with state-recommended safety guidelines, as outlined in the Open Texas Checklist for Media Production.